Mendoza Wine Room

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Mendoza Wine Room

Join us at Mendoza Wine Room for our fun tastings.

A relaxed and unpretentious way to get to know Mendoza’s wine and its regions.

Our aim is simple; to give you delicious wines from Mendoza’s most famous regions and beyond in an unstuffy atmosphere, whilst throwing in some useful info about how to taste and Mendoza’s winemaking heritage.

Choose from our "Mendoza 101" or our "Off the beaten track" tastings, or both!


Maybe you’re a complete novice and don’t know where to start in Mendoza? Or perhaps you’re a seasoned taster looking for some local insight to this beautiful wine region. Everyone is welcome!

Our small group tastings are meant for everyone, whether you know the wine lingo or not you’ll come out of our tasting room with a lot more knowledge than before and ready to explore Mendoza Wines.

Every Tuesday at 6pm

Mendoza 101 Wine Tasting

Every Thursday at 6pm

Off the Beaten Track Tasting


Mendoza Wine Camp -  Visit our sister company Mendoza Wine Camp to book your unique wine experiences in Mendoza